Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's going on....

Hi everyone,

As you all know, I found out back on September 11th (ah, the irony) that my small tumour had started to show signs of aggression. The doctor told us that I am in "tiger territory" - not a good scenario. Since then I have been doing everything possible to put myself in the best position to fight this big time! No more fooling around.

I have been on a fairly strict diet to clean me out and build up my immune system to fight. Lost about 20 pounds so I'm pretty happy about that (as is my beautiful wife Tasha :)

Tash and I have gone to Edmonton to see a Medical Intuitive who tells me that this is probably not cancer and that I will get through.

Tash and I flew out to Vancouver to see a Natural Healer who also feels confident that this is not cancer and that I will get through it.

I would love to truly believe that what they are saying is for real, but it is definitely hard considering what the latest 2 MRI's are showing.

The last MRI results that we saw on Tuesday show significant growth in just over 2 months. It is definitely making a strong statement!

As hard as it was to see this, after having a good cryfest and pondering it for a day, I now feel like I'm back in the driver's seat taking control. Reminds me of my old days of flying when I was teaching students and using the term "I have control" when I had to take over because they were about to crash the plane.

I am scheduled to start radiotherapy in the next couple of weeks. Will be going in every day to have my head zapped to try and kill the cancer cells. Should be doing that for 6 weeks. Getting ready to watch my hair fall out. You can call me Mr. Bald. Reminds me of my brother Sean.

Will most likely follow up with chemotherapy for 6 to 12 rounds. Crappy part is that it isn't covered by the Alberta Government as it is still in a trial mode. The cost is $10,000 monthly. Ouch!!

What happens after that will be determined when the time comes. I'm literally living day to day.

Sad that it takes something like this to remember how important our time here truly is. We get so wrapped up with the craziness of life that we often forget how valuable every day is.

I'll be updating this as time goes on to keep you posted. I send you all massive hugs and look forward to talking to you soon.


Brendan Stitchman said...

Ryan, my friend, I am sending you the good vibes as always. I admire your courage, optimism, and huge heart.

I believe that you can tell a lot about a person by the people they are surrounded by. Just from judging your immediate family alone, it is clear what a loving, honourable and inspirational person you are Ryan.

And then, conversely, there are friends like me who just make you look so damn good and smart :)

Thanks for keeping me posted on here. Sending you lots of love and faith.

Take care my man,


Unknown said...

My brother of the stink-ass foot, fight the good fight. There are few people I have met that have the physical & mental power to match their drive; you the man!

Love & respect, Devinder

candi said...

Ryan, thank you for sharing your progress. We have been thinking about you a lot.
I truly believe you already appreciate life and everything that it has to offer. Your family has gone through to many reminders already.
Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you guys out, like dinner at your doorstep?
All of our strength, admiration and prayers to get you through this.
Candice, Caiden & Kennedi

Denny said...

Hi Ryan,

Been thinking about you a lot lately. Your inner strength is amazing and you have a gigantic heart, both of which will prove to be huge assets in your full recovery.

If there is any way I can be of assistance to you and the family, you know that I am only a phone call away.

Cheers and Love,

Lizzie said...

Ryan, It has been a log time but in truth our family thinks of you and your family often.
What can I say except a simple "Go for it"! I truly believe that this is just a way of saying slow down, smell the roses you might say. I do wish that the point could have been made in a slighly less realistic way but would have listened? :)
I want to "Thank-you" for sharing with us. I was in a real need for some life perspective these days and what you and your family are going through is something that feeds my soul. Thank-you.
Your strength and life essence will prevail. You are in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.
Hope to see you again soon. Best Wishes to you and your family over the holidays.
Sincerely with love,
Lindsy, Mike, Noah and Gavin Sabo

Anonymous said...

Ryan, if anyone can get through this it’s YOU! From the day I first met you I admired your optimism and zest for life. Few people posses those traits as strong and as consistent as you have. You are a fine example for us all. Stay strong, you’re in my prayers - Shanan F.

pikkelnut said...

With all the misfortune that you and Tash have experienced during the past few years with matters of health, I've always admired your positive nature and optimism.

Your strength has been a source of inspiration for me, without a doubt. You're a strong individual and if anyone can overcome cancer - it is you.

Lauraroxs said...

Hi Ryan,

I am a friend of your Mother...I met her in White Rock early this year. We talked about you at the time, when things seemed to have been better, so I'm sorry to hear that things have changed.

Please don't get discouraged, you are not alone. There are so many new things out there now and I'm sure something will be found to deal with your particular problem.

In the meantime I will keep you in my prayers.

Keep your chin up
e-mail me at