Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updated picture

Hi everyone,

Please find attaced the latest picture from my MRI that was done a couple of weeks ago. Definitely makes me feel a lot better about things, however I have to ensure that I don't put my guard down.

Reminds me off when a hockey team is up by 2 with a few minutes left in the 3rd period and the risk of becoming passive exists. Suddenly the opposing team scores and the threat of the game being tied and going into overtime takes control. Fear, paranoia and the concept of losing is now in the left seat. I have to ensure that does not happen.

I was also given an opportunity to tell my story to a group of 200 peoples last Friday and really enjoyed it. Got some great comments afterwards.

Hope you're all doing well!!!

Enjoy Canada Day!!


Vic & The Wearmouths said...

Hey Ryan! What a great photo! I'm still watching you from the Peter Lougheed...my treatment is still on hold because of my liver but Doc said it looks way better and hopefully I can get the last two treatments in Friday/Saturday...here's hoping!! xo Vicki W.

Bob Cotter said...

Nice to see the improved results. Keep going! Cheers... Bob

Louise and David said...

Even from a layperson's point of view, this picture looks very good, Ryan. However, like you, we won't let our guard down at this point along your path. We'll keep up our own energy levels and will continue to send positive vibes your way.

Wherever we travel, we burn candles of hope around the world, for you, Tasha and Tricia.

Louise and David