Friday, May 28, 2010

Stop, Drop and Smile - Available Now!

Today is an amazing day…Ryan’s book “Stop, Drop and Smile” is officially ready for sale. Ryan left us on April 4, 2010, but he wanted to make sure that he lived on through his message. His hope was that as we went about our daily challenges, we would stop and take a moment to think about “a guy named Ryan” and that would give us the perspective we needed to get through whatever we were dealing with and maybe even with a smile.

Many people helped to make this happen, but extra special thanks to:

Susan Pederson – without whom this book wouldn’t have happened
Scott McKay – who created the website to allow this book to be available to more people

As well as: Blitz Printing, Colleen (designer), Michelle (photographer), Ellen (proofing), Tricia (quotes), Sheri & Lori (distribution) and our friends and family who helped to make the “smile” parts possible.

Please follow this link to get Ryan’s book. We are donating 25% of the net proceeds to Rosedale Hospice, who gave us a great last few months with Ryan because of their amazing care for us all.


Love to you all,
Tasha and Talyn

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Lisa said...

I am SO excited. I actually have goosebumps as I'm writing this. I have just finished ordering 2 copies of "Stop,Drop and Smile!". One for me and one for our Cancer Centre's Patient Resource Centre.

I can hardly wait to read it. I'll post the info on my Facebook page and my website. Let's sell a TON!