Thursday, January 28, 2010

At the hospice

Hi there,

It's official. I am now a patient at the hospice and am enjoying being here for medical reasoning plus the security of the help that I have around me all the time.

As I have mentioned before, I have no intention of dying here, yet I treat this as the best place for me to heal. 2 people that have been in this room, that I am in now, should have dyed and and have walked out. That is all that I will focus on; nothing else.

Will keep you posted as time goes by.

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

Ryan I don't know you. I saw a post on face book that someone posted. I am praying that God will shower you with His love and peace and strengthen you and carry you in His grace... on the good days and on the not so good days... God Bless you.

Natalie and Jamie Powell said...

That sounds like the perfect room for you!!! Thinking of you tons and tons!

Vic & The Wearmouths said...

That room is definitely the room for you my dear. I look forward to your next post telling us all that you are helping the nurses with the "really sick people". All our love and healing powers to you my friend! Vicki & the Wearmouths

Anonymous said...

This sound like the perfect room for you. You'll be the third to walk out of there. Thinking of you all the time, sending lots of love and hugs. Keep fighting, love ya, Julene

Anonymous said...

Ryan, what a great place to heal from and we wil behaving another party when you walk out!
much love and many hugs

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful spirit and a true inspiration .

Bob Cotter said...

Wonderfully positive and uplifting post, Ryan ... I continue to think of you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan,

You're one our angels on earth...sharing the greatest of your life, as well as the most challenging parts of your life with all of us...helping us with our day and future.

You don't know me, but I did have the pleasure of working with Tasha for a short while. I was in aw over her story, then found myself reading your story, and fell in love with how much you share your family love with everyone you meet.

I just know you'll be'll beat this challenge!!

Peace and Love,

Louise and David said...

Hi again, Ryan,
It's good to hear that you have settled in so nicely at the hospice. Even your room has a positive history that seems match your own hopes for the future.

Now that you are in a secure place where medical attention, care and assistance are readily available, your focus can be on recovery. Let others take care of you while you take care of living!

We will take you up on your promise to keep us posted as time goes by. I'm sure you know that we hang onto every bit of the news you send our way.
Sincere well-wishes,
Louise and David

Debbie Ruston said...

Hi Ryan
It's been a few yrs since we had contact, but I wanted you to know that Barry & I are sending our love and positive vibration to you. Ryan your positivity is your strongest "weapon" Make that what you spend most of your days focusing on, positivity, loads of laughter, love - everything wonderful - it is a proven scientific fact that the brain produces chemicals with every single thought we have - negative thoughts send negative chemicals into our systems - which lead to disease - positive thoughts send positive endorphins into our systems which are very healthy for us. So up your dose of laughter, of positive, loving, happy, joyful thoughts - spend every minute of every day only focusing on these things - put so much positivity into your system you blast this out of you and are a walking example into old age of what is possible when you take control of your can also continue feeding yourself this positivity with earphones on your ipod while you are sleeping...your subconscious does not know the difference between what is real, and what is imagined - so keep feeding it - keep feeding it with an overflow of positivity and visualize the life you want and EXPECT to be living.

We look forward to the inspiration you will share with countless others in the many years to come as a result of your beautiful, positive spirit, and your unwillingness to give attention to anything but the long long beautiful life you are going to live with the people you love so much!

Love Debbie & Barry Ruston xoxo

Unknown said...

Hi hon,
Thinking of you. Glad you got such a positive room to heal in.
Love, auntie m xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryan,

I am a friend of Tricia's and although I have never met you or Tasha I feel like I do know you through all the wonderful stories Tricia has shared.I have never in my life met anyone like Tricia, from the first time I met her,before I knew her story, I swore she is an angel on earth.
She has taught me and you have taught me. So I wanted to share with you something I learned.I lost my husband at 43, my kids were 8&9.What we have learned is that just because we don't see daddy,doesn't mean he isn't here. It is like closing your eyes,the love is still there.Tasha and Talyn get to remember you and love you forever and you get to love them forever too.Nothing changes, they still get to keep you, forever and ever.I believe in miracles and I pray that you are that 3rd miracle.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan,

I have had you in may thoughts and prayers as my son also in Ottawa as I have following you as well.

Your strength and motication has given me great strength through may days and hours of late and I thank you for that.
be strong my friend and pull your strength from all of us routing for you and our prayers for you
I would love a book if I can get on that list...I still remeber the first time we meet in Edmonton for IG training with Pearl as well being there....we have come far my friend as that is when you also took Pearl and I aside and mention then about the journey you were have fought and been fighting since I have known you....your strength is something that all should be in awe of and the strength of your famil as well

Take care rest and sleep knowing how many prayers are watching over you..
Much love and many hugs coming your way
Karcy and Keegan Carruthers
I would like to send something but do not know where to send it how can I get your home address or pad address....