Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4 seizures on Friday...

I've been in the hospital since Friday after a having a minor seizure at home and 3 major ones at the hospital. The first one at home wasn't too bad. Felt a little strange but no need to call 911. Luckily when the second decided to hit me, fate decided to have it when I was at the Tom Baker Cancer centre for radiotherapy. Talk about seriously good fate!!! They obviously had all of my info. What was really frustrating was the fact that I couldn't talk when they asked me questions. All I wanted to say was "wife" when they asked me who they should contact. I was able to think fairly clearly and thought that I might be "moving on". I knew that I wouldn't see our son Talyn as he was at school. I wanted to ensure that I at least got to see my wife Tasha one more time.

Obviously that didn't happen. They were able to get me under control by drugging me up. I woke up in the Emergency and was there until Saturday evening. I've got my own room now and am probably going home today. I talked to my Radiation doctor last night to ensure that I'm still going to be doing the radiotherapy. Seizures like this are caused by swelling of the brain. This was a warning they told me about. There's no way in hell that it's going to stop me!!

I had a lot of emotion go through me after this about killing me but I've popped through the "cloud" like I used to do when I was a pilot and will continue the fight.


TracylynF said...

Hey Ryan,

As always, sending all good thoughts to you and your family. Have a wonderful Christmas at home ( I do hope you are released today as anticipated). I overhead a Mom call her son Talyn the other day. Of course, he was not nearly as cute as the original Talyn but what can you do? :)

Take Care My Friend,


Denise Sinkevicius said...

do you support expletives on your blog - cause i have said quite a few on your behalf this morning ;)

Ryan...get out of the hospital ASAP and get on with the business of beating this gig! and in the meantime - a whole lot of extra hugs and kisses...
Love Denise and Julius

stephanie said...

Peace for your journey, courage for your dreams.
Can you get on a clinical trial-here is one I am familiar with
thanks for sharing-you are very courageous.
write, say, speak, record, share-all of it.
Peace my comrade.