Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scary situation

I was watching Prison Break last night when I started to get this feeling that something wasn't right. I decided it would be wise to come upstairs and tell Tash what was going on. Had a hard time walking (wasn't drunk :) ) and by the time I got upstairs, my left ear was pounding. I turned on the lights to wake up Tash and found it really hard to put words together to tell her what was happening. I thought for sure that I was going to have a full on seizure and went to my knees to be ready to fall down. Luckily the ringing and pounding in my ear started to subside and after a few minutes I was able to put words together again. I explained what was going on and decided it was time to hit the sac. Had a good sleep and woke up feeling totally fine. Harsh reality check regarding what's going on with me right now!!! Put me back in the "I might not be here in a year" frame of mind. Luckily it only lasted for 5 minutes before I pulled out and thought "Yes that is a theory. It could very well happen. However as long as I do everything that I possibly can to take care of this, I will decreased those odds."
It's so sad that it takes something like this to open our eyes to how lucky we really are.
I have definitely realized that on a crappy day, we must remember how fortunate we truly are to be here.

Started my radiotherapy today. Don't feel anything when I'm lying there. Takes about 20 minutes and then it's done. I'm at the Tom Baker for about 30 minutes total. Nice that we're only 8 minutes from it. Takes less than an hour from leaving to coming home.
Felt a little tired afterwards but didn't last very long. My hair will start to fall out soon. Now I have a great excuse for hair loss, poor memory and needs for afternoon naps. :)

I looked further into a product called Careseng for follow up treatment after radiotherapy. Definitely something that can be very beneficial. Will keep you all posted.

I hope that you're all doing well!!

Over and out.


Louise and David said...

OMG, Ryan! Your account of this "scary situation" is so matter-of-fact that we are just relieved that you got through it with your survivor's attitude still intact. You are amazing!

It is also good to hear that your radiotherapy has started now and that you are already projecting ahead to follow-up treatment.

Thanks for posting pictures, too. We like the one of you and Tayln decorating the Christmas tree. Now he is going to wonder if Santa Claus will ever get there. While the rest of us would like to check the reins of time, children are eager to spur it on.

As you keep doing whatever you can to "decrease those odds", we are supporting your efforts with positive energy and prayer.

Louise and David

Louise and David said...

Ryan, I'm sorry that I misspelled Talyn's name. I've got it right now!


Keith Fagin said...

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