Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have control

The 3 words I was taught to use when I was a pilot to ensure that there was never any confusion as to who was flying the plane. I used it now as I am back in the left seat in control.

We were at the Tom Baker this morning to review the latest CT scan to ensure that everything was "okay" to carry forward the next step and start the chemotherapy. WE ARE!!! Huge relief is such an understatement as to how happy Tash and I were (and still are) that the next step starts tonight just before hitting the sack. I'll be taking the VP-16 chemo pill orally everynight and start the Avastin injection tomorrow at 10:00 am. The Avastin will be every 2 weeks.

One of the great doctors that I get to see at the Tom Baker told me that I'm doing very well physically and mentally, so that's great to see. I'm in a great fighting position. All that I have to do now is focus on getting through the storm.

"When the clouds pass, the sun shines through"


Louise and David said...

Congratulations on reaching this point of your journey in such good shape, Ryan!

Of course, we know from your blog that you are a fighter but it must be wonderfully reassuring to hear your doctor say that you are physically and mentally strong for what lies ahead.

You have not wasted a moment in taking back control! Your chemo has already begun and you are just hours away from your first Avastin injection. You've certainly made a quick and decisive take-off. Here's to a smooth flight, with very few clouds and lots of sunshine. Cheers!

Sincere well-wishes
Louise and David

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,
It was so wonderful to see you in Banff this past Sat. night! Thanks for your presence, it was a gift that we all appreciated. I have some photos that I'd like to share with you.. how best to email those to you?
always with love and best wishes,

Karen said...

This is the news we have all been wishing for! Congratulations on the radiation success Ryan. Your strength and positive outlook will see you through the next stage. My thoughts are with all of you every day.
Love Karen

Tyson said...

It's good to see that your treatment is progressing well. Your positive attitude is infectious. We think of you constantly, and are amazed at your strong spirit! I should clarify that - we're not surprised by it, just amazed by it

Keep your eyes forward, that break in the clouds is just ahead!

Best wishes,
Tyson & Tanja.