Thursday, February 12, 2009

So far, not so bad...

I can tell that the VP-16 / Avastin combo is starting to hit me. Definitely makes me more tired during the day. Still having issues with getting a solid 8 hours of sleep. Not too surprised by that. I was up yesterday at 1:45 am and had 2 solid naps to make up for it. Got to sleep in until 4:15 this morning.

Still having issues regarding muscle pain. Other than that, I definitely have it pretty darm easy. When I compare this to what I watched my wife Tasha and our close friend Trisha go through with respect to their chemo - I'm walking along a beautiful white beach!

I will never forget when I was first diagnosed in 1997 and they told me after surgery that I had to do chemo, I pictured myself in a much worse situation versus how it turned out to be. My immune system was shot, got pneumonia a couple of times and my weight was down to 147 pounds (I'm 6'1"), but even then it wasn't that bad. It only seems to be getting better. This, of course, does seriously depend on the style and harshness of the chemo. Reading the Lance Armstrong book "It's Not about the Bike" shows how hard it was for him. His odds of living was very low. The power of the mind!!!

As you may already know, I'm always doing my best to look on the bright side of everything in life. After all, we were given the gift to be here in the first place. If we were forced to go into battle, would we simply give up? I know I wouldn't. I'm reading a very interesting book right now that really makes you stop and look at things from a different perspective. I wish I had read this a year ago.

I send you all the wishes for a great day, week, month, year and life!

Peace, love and happiness.

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