Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick update.

Hi everyone,

In tomorrow for bloodwork and a checkup. Shouldn't be any issues to get in the way of the Avastin treatment on Wednesday. One thing that I'm really noticing now is the overall side effects of the Avastin and VP-16 chemo pill. Huge lack of energy and stiffness in my upper legs. Something to be expected from the Avastin. Guess it confirms that it's doing its job.

I must say that I feel kind of bad that I haven't really updated my Blog that much lately due to the fact that my life is getting pretty boring. I could go deeper into philosophy but I probably wouldn't make a lot of sense. :)

Hope your weekend was great!

Ciao for now.


Caroline said...

Glad that all is going well. Take care.

Caroline and Grant

Anonymous said...

Good to hear Ryan.
Stay strong. Will check back soon.
Take care.