Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How can I even begin to say....


I've been thinking a lot about the last 6 months of time since I was told that my tumour was starting to become very aggressive and things were not looking too good. So much has gone through me physically, mentally, emotionally, logically and everything else that you can think off, that it hasn't really allowed me to sit back and say THANK YOU to every single person out there that has helped us.

Helped by supporting us financially, with continuous blessings and prayers, love and everything else that we have received. It truly confirms how beautiful this world is and the people that live here.

I have had many moments of fear that the "airplane I'm flying" is not going to get through this storm. As confident as I do feel that I will get through this challenge, knowing that I have the amazing support that I have makes me that much stronger to prevail.

I send my love, joy and happiness to everyone out there along with the biggest possible hug.



Anonymous said...

Ryan we still are thinking of you and checking in. If anybody should owe a Thank-you it should myself. You truly inspire me and continue to give me strength in my small battles in my life.
Take Care. Lindsy Sabo

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how a good dose of 'perspective' makes us really look around a realize what we have, and what we have had all along? Trust me, I've had the same moments. They usually coincide with the dips in the wave rather than the crest. You wouldn't be getting what you are if you and Tasha weren't the people you are. You've sewn these seeds all your life by being who you are. Reaping what you both deserve as gracefully as you do makes you even better people. You have no idea how glad we were to help out the little bit we could. Take the help when you need it, finish the fight strong, and worry about the rest afterwards. Hope to get out to see you guys soon.