Thursday, March 19, 2009

Round #4

Wow, this Avastin/chemo combo must be in my brain working hard. I'll gladly take on the fact that I'm starting to get really tired (one of the side effects) all the time to ensure that the tumor is being destroyed.

Was at the Tom Baker yesterday for my 4th round of Avastin. Only takes about 30 minutes now that my body is used to it. Makes me feel pretty mellow afterwards.
They've also lowered the amount of Dexamethasone (lowers brain swelling) from 16 mg to 4 mg which is really good to see. That might be another reason I'm mellowing out more as this is a steroid. Another sign of confidence that things are going well.

Still waiting to see if they want to do the next MRI in one month or two. Will let you all know as soon as I find out.

Hope you're all enjoying the day. It's gorgeous out!!!

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RoadWarrior said...

Hey Ryan!! It's Catherine- you know the chick that use to hang with the big guy- Brad. I am going to be checking your blog from time to time. Great way to keep track of your progress. Just want you to know that I am doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer on your behalf. If you can go through this "crap" the least I can do is ride a few 100 kms. Hope the family is doing well! Talk soon. PS last name is Matsalla incase anyone is so inclined to donate to the Ride. I have to get going on soliciting for donations. Just got my personal page done and have told about 5 people including you. Want to raise $10,000. Love ya!! Talk soon.