Sunday, November 22, 2009

Off to Mexico

Looking forward to heading south for a little while to celebrate the fact that things are going so well for me.

It was about a year ago that the latest MRI showed significant growth and inflammation that truly made me feel the reality of my tumour finally taking control of my path and was aiming me towards the world of after-life. I thank it for doing this to me to make me finally realize the luck that I (and all of us) have to exist in the first place.

I spoke a couple of weeks ago at my friend's client seminar to tell "A Story about a guy named Ryan". At that seminar, I told the people there about my history with respect to diagnosis, treatments, anger, denial, anxiety, sadness, bitterness and almost anything else that applies. I also discussed the benefits and what this has truly taught me over the last 12 years.

What is truly the sadness of it all is that it takes something like this to really make us appreciate the fact that we're even here. The fact that I am sitting here in my pajamas, drinking coffee and typing on my computer. Telling my thoughts that come from my brain on this planet we call Earth in this infinite Universe that came from somewhere that we will never truly know. I am very Spiritual regarding all of this. After all, what are the odds that this universe, our solar system, our planet that we have named "Earth" could even exist in the first place. I think that I would easily win the Lotto 6-49 at least a billion times before the fact that I am here, right now, typing on my computer in the first place.

Why is there so much fighting and disrespect for others regarding "how we got here, where we're going, etc.) when none of us will ever actually know. Why do we not simply respect that "we're here and are extremely lucky to be here in the first place"?

Being an ex-pilot, I was taught very well that when you are in control of a plane that has an issue (engine failure, fire, etc.), your job is to solve the problem without emotion controlling you. After all, when you're responsible for 200+ lives behind you in the plane, is it wise for me to critique, express anger without reasoning, allow fear to control your mind (which then controls the plane), etc, etc, etc.....? Absolutely not!! Therefore, why do we allow opinions and critique to control our everyday lives?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that we should all become "Vulcans" from Star Trek (only live by reason and logic). I am simply saying that we should all take some time to "chill out" and think about the beauty and the benefits of the fact that we are here. Unfortunately, the pace that we live in is way too damn fast.

If we're only here once, why not stop and look around. Book it in your "To Do's" on your Blackberry or whatever it is you use.


I'm not going to wish you all a great day. I am going to wish you all the best forever.


Lorne/Audrey said...

You and Tasha are truly an inspiration for me. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and I am very fearful however when I read what you have gone through I know things can get better. I have known your mother since moving to White Rock in 2004. I am now in Edmonton .Good luck to you and have a wonderful time.

Michelle Wells said...

I hope you have a really really wonderful vacation Ryan and Tasha. It is great to see you in this "place" rather than a year ago. :) You both look awesome!!!!