Thursday, January 8, 2009

The power of our mind

I was sent this by a close friend and it brought tears of inspiration to my mind. We have so much power inside of us that unfortunately isn't being used.

I read a great book a few years ago called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" and thought that for sure I would apply it to my world. Then I stepped back into my "reality" and totally forgot about it. What I wouldn't do to go back and apply it then.

I realize now that to truly apply these ways of living that were recommended in the book is extremely hard, yet relatively easy to do if you truly want it to happen. Similar to New Years resolutions - easy to say yet so hard to do, unless you can honestly say that it's that important.

It's truly unfortunate that it took this situation that I'm dealing with now to finally make the changes to "my world" that I should have done before, however to focus any energy on "shouda, woulda, coulda" is like flying a plane across the ocean with a leak in it's fuel tank that I knew about. Doesn't make sense. All I can do now is remember that the past is the past and it will never be changed. By focusing every ounce of energy on the here and now and not letting the past be an influence on me, my level of confidence will not be impacted and will help me get through this challenge. I WILL have the privilege of being with my wife Tasha and son Talyn until I pass on at the age of 100.

Have a great day!!

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Louise and David said...

Thanks for the link to the "Are-you-going-to-finish-strong?" segment. In recent times, David and I have heard Nick Vujicic speak to young people about facing life's challenges. As retirees, we are not his targeted audience; nevertheless, we have been humbled by his courage and stamina. Even at our age, we have lots to learn.

You, yourself, are also an inspiration to us, Ryan. You do not hesitate to admit that you've failed to live up to your own aspirations. (In that regard, we certainly have many more years on you!) That you are willing to put those short-comings behind you and start making changes NOW, is soul-stirring.

We are sorry that you in this life-threatening situation, Ryan. Yet, somehow, it makes you appreciate each new day with Tasha and Talyn.

We admire your determination to focus "every ounce of energy on the here and now". You convince us that you ARE going to finish strong . . . at whatever age you reach with Tasha and Talyn by your side.

We are with you all the way, Ryan. The chance to live through your thirties, forties, fifties, sixties .... nineties, is the wonderful gift of living years and years, one day at a time.

May you continue to meet today's challenges with confidence; and may your hopes for the privilege of living a long and full life come true.

Sincere well-wishes,
Louise and David